In this game you are a cat samurai who needs to defeat numerous enemies and the enemy boss in the end. When you fight, you earn souls that can be used to buy new moves between levels.
In this game you're the same Jane from Jane's Hotel, but this time you're a realty agent. You build houses, arrange furniture inside and rent them.
Feel the excitement of reaching for the skies in this ridiculously addictive puzzle game that'll test your reflexes and puzzle skills. Tower Bloxx(TM) Deluxe builds on a multi-award winning mobile gam...
This game is all about the proper use of high explosives. It is up to you to strategically place the dynamite and wait for the right moment to set it off and achieve the desired result.
Tommy has been kidnapped by Dr Kamikazi and has been taken back to his island. Rescue Tommy !!!
You always wanted to take your baby to the mall, now here's your chance. It's not easy but you're willing to do anything to make your baby smile. Use your mouse to play, left click on an item to use i...